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Oh, hi! I'm Hannah

Patriotically Cornish, wife, mumma, lover of sunsets, cheese, rabbits, fresh air and sandy toes. Usually found at the beach with my girls and my little shadow, Pippa (tiny little pooch), searching for sea glass and shells. 

How it all started

With a degree in photography way back in 2009, it took until I had my own children to realise how much I love turning the most special moments in time into pictures that can be treasured forever. How lucky am I, that my job is to capture these moments for you, as they happen, using natural light and beautiful moments that appear right in front of me. I can capture all of the big and small moments in your life, and almost everything in between! I love the emotions of weddings, the magic of newborns and the fun of a family shoot! 

I live in a quiet little village in South East Cornwall with my wonderful, most supportive, rugby player and builder husband and two beautiful girls, Darcey and Florence... and also our tiny pooch, Pippa! We have recently extended the brood by welcoming Honey, a gorgeous little pony into the family! I adore Cornwall. Never a day goes by where I take for granted how lucky we are to live here. It has given me a love and gratitude of natural beauty and this is what drives me to make the images that I do, constantly striving for this in my work, whether that is people or places, portraits or landscapes. 

About me

Rabbit House Studio

Well over ten years ago, a rabbit was found on the school field where I worked. None of the neighbors claimed it as theirs and the local animal sanctuaries were full, so I headed home from work with a bunny in a cardboard box! My husband (boyfriend at the time) wasn't best pleased, mostly because we had no hutch or suitable enclosure for a rabbit. Naturally, the rabbit came into our house and made herself quite at home. Her name was Bessie Bun and was well and truly responsible for making me crazy about rabbits! Fast forward ten plus  years, 6 rabbits, 3 guineapigs, one husband (with the rabbits as guests

of honour at our wedding) 2 children, a teeny dog and a new home,

we no longer have a rabbit living with us but my studio is a conversion

of the home that our late Bonnie bunny lived in. Suitable in size and

structure for a rather fabulous man cave or bike shed, of course, the

rabbits got priority when we moved in and lived in a heated, well kitted

out rabbit palace!  Rabbit House Studio is a legacy to the bunnies that

were once a huge part of our family!

Image Credit Andrew George Photography 

I love to get involved! Most of the shoots that I do, I leave feeling like I have made new friends! Whether this is nattering with new parents about newborn life (I've been there myself twice!) or to being super prepared with my emergency wedding kit, containing safety pins, nail files and plasters! I recognise that you may be asking me to create a memento of one of the most important times in your life and I want it to be all you dreamed of and more. We will chat before your session and for weddings, we can get to know each other a bit better through an engagement shoot. In all honesty, I'm not that keen on having my photo taken either, so I know how awkward that can feel. After a few laughs about it being awkward and cringy, we will be laughing so much that we will all relax and it will just be good fun. Promise! Image Credit Andrew George Photography 

What to expect

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