I am a sucker for keepsakes and memories and I love to document every part of our lives, especially as my girls grow up! Granted, I do this on my iPhone with my own children because as soon as I get my camera out, my own girls start pulling faces and saying 'cheese' in the most unphotogenic grins you could imagine (tell me you're a photographer without telling me you're a photographer!) For you, I can capture these moments, either on location or in the studio. My new and latest favourite is a bit of a hybrid of the two (See the 1st Birthday photos below! Family shoots are a real favourite of mine and although everyone will tell me how much they hate having their photos taken, by the end of the session everyone agrees that we have had such a fun time! The more fun, the better as far as I am concerned and I am always at hand to give some gentle guidance of things you can do which will create fabulous photos! Christenings, first birthdays, Mothers' Day, Easter, Valentines day... you name it, I would love to document it for you! 


Mini Shoots


First Birthdays



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