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Cornwall Wedding Photography | Cornwall Family Photography

Updated: Mar 23

I may be a little late to the party with this one but although I have only just got around to writing it down, it’s all been up there in my head over the past couple of months! I love a bit of neuroscience and if this isn’t a reason not to share this then I don’t know what is; "People who vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals." On that note… here we go!

Cornwall Beach Wedding (or Devon!)

My happy place is the beach! It is the place where my soul feels refreshed and my heart and lungs feel full of life and gratitude. I would ADORE to photograph a beach wedding with actual sandy feet and waves. No matter the weather, the sea and sky is without doubt the most emotive, poignant and romantic backdrop.

As if that isn’t lush enough, how about actually getting IN the sea?!! I am not on about ‘trashing the dress’, I’m not here for that.. but some snaps of you both paddling, dancing in the ocean, laughing and twirling…!

Rabbit Wedding Photography

Rabbit House Studio Photography; my little business, aptly named after some of the most treasured members of my family – and guests of honour at my wedding day! Before I ventured into the world of wedding photography, I spent most of my time photographing newborn babies and children and the rabbit theme reflected this well. As my business has progressed, I feel like I want to encapsulate this theme throughout all aspects of my business… who wouldn’t love a rabbit or two at a wedding? I have had two lots of clients this year ask me if I am able to bring my rabbits to their weddings! Is that a thing…?! Wedding photography and rabbit hire?!! If only!

Photo credit: Andrew George Photography

Horse and Rider Portraits

It seems that there is a bit of a theme here with rabbits and now ponies! I am a nature lover, happiest when out in the fresh air, in the proper countryside! Last year, I gave up the juggle of being a primary school teaching and running my business at the same time and took the leap to being fully self-employed. And then bought a pony; for my two girls to share. Yes, the very same week that I handed in my notice! My poor husband! However, I now can’t wait for the sun to shine, and for me to be able to take some beautiful shots of the girls with the pony. Maybe this could be a thing too?! Anyone keen for portraits with their horses or want to get married on horseback?!

Self Portrait Photography

This is a trickly one for me. And as you can see, no photo to back up this entry! I spend my life photographing others and I always make them a promise that it isn’t as bad as they might think! I promise that they might even enjoy it. But I struggle with being on the other side of the camera. I see other photographers that have beautiful shots of themselves to help with their branding, to show the world who they are and so as to not be a stranger to clients. I too do my bit to make myself personable and approachable to my clients. I love to chat, face to face, on the phone or via video call but would my face on my grid every now and again help boost my business. Probably; and this is not the answer I wanted to give! So, this year is the time to put all of those insecurities behind me and have my photo taken. You never know, I may even enjoy it!

Cornwall Family Photography

Newborn, children and family photography… it’s what I do for a living. So you would assume that I would have so many beautiful images of my children. Well, actually, not really! It absolutely melts my heart when I tip toe up the stairs to see what they are playing without disturbing them and I see them playing with a make shift studio set and lining their teddies up ready to have their photos taken. They always take great interest when I am setting up my studio space. But put either of them on the set and pick up a camera and they turn into a pair of little hooligans! However, I do have some lovely ones up on our wall at home which I update from time to time and they are all of the girls being completely natural and doing their thing; all taken on my iphone (like the one below). This year, I am going to try and get some ‘proper’ photos of them, using my ‘proper’ camera but also just keep it natural and low key.

So, if any of you reading this think you can help me out or want to get involved in any of these projects, let me know, drop me an email or give me a call! I love my job and all the people it brings me in contact with... watch this space for my 2023 achievements!

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