""We are so glad that we booked a pre-wedding shoot with Hannah, even if it was a last minute decision. She immediately put us at ease, talked us through her ideas and listened to ours. Despite being a little apprehensive about being in front of the camera, we both really enjoyed ourselves and we have some lovely pictures of the two of us which we are planning on using for some of our wedding literature. It was also really great to get to know her! We can't wait for Hannah to photograph our wedding now!

Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Ten Reasons to Have a Pre-Wedding Shoot

ONE - GETTING TO KNOW YOU - My best work is created when I feel as though I really know you and when you feel comfortable around me! This time together is so much more of a photoshoot! It is a chance for me to find out more about your love story, how you met, how you got engaged, what matters to you and what makes you tick! These things all feed into the feel of the images I take and I will look for hints of these things at your wedding!

TWO - GET TO KNOW ME - Choosing your photographer is one of the biggest decisions of your wedding after choosing the venue. I will be with you A LOT on your wedding day! As much as I try to keep in the background, I will be everywhere and so I want you to feel as though you know me, like i am an additional guest, not some stranger following you around with a couple of cameras attached to her! By the time our pre-wedding shoot is over, you will know lots about me too! I am always honest and open, an over-sharer and can talk for England... I really just like making friends!

THREE - FEEL AT EASE - It is a nerve-wracking thought, being the centre of attention and having your photo taken! That is why I am always behind the camera! I get it, It feels awkward and that is the last thing I want you to feel on your wedding day. A pre-wedding shoot is the best way to show you that it really isn't that bad! I can give gentle guidance while still keeping things natural! We will laugh and explore your chosen location! You may (*will) even enjoy it!

FOUR - GET SOME LUSH PHOTOS - How many lush photos do you have of the two of you?! A few selfies? A couple of phone photos created of you on a timer?! How about some lovely professional photos of you which captures you both being completely you?! Do you have any pets that cannot attend your wedding but you are desperate to include them in some way? Bring them with you on your shoot and we can get some cute shots that you can have framed and put in pride of place on your wedding day! (And yes, I am suggesting here that rabbits and cats are also welcome at the beach for some photos!!!)

FIVE - PLAN YOUR STATIONARY & LITERATURE - Have you thought about your wedding stationary and literature yet?! How about making it personal with photos of you on the save the date cards or invitations? Many of the online invitation sites ask for you to upload images and rather than scouring through your phone photos, have some purpose made images taken that you know you will love and sums you up perfectly.

SIX - GET A FEEL FOR POSING.. OR NOT! - During your shoot, I will try and get a feel for how much guidance you want or need and we can play around with some fun poses. Some of these you will like and some will just not feel like you at all. If you don't like posing then I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve for things you can do that doesn't feel cringy but still gets some great shots! I can usually gauge within a short time, the vibe and how natural we need to be or whether we can push the boat out a little. Whatever suits you is perfect for me but sometimes nice to try these things before your wedding day.

SEVEN - MEMORIES OF A PLACE - You guys get to choose the location and it always makes so much sense to me that you choose somewhere that means something to you. You may not have any photos of you together at this place . You may choose to have your pre-wedding anniversary on a special date at this special place. Whatever the reason, let's make it meaningful and part of your story.

EIGHT - IT WILL BE FUN - Once all of the nerves of being in front of the camera have disappeared, I promise you will genuinely enjoy yourself! We can be playful, have fun and my aim is to get you laughing as much as possible in front of the camera. I want you to look back on these photos and remember how fun it was but also look forward to you having your photo taken on your wedding day too!

NINE - IT'S A BARGAIN - This shoot is the same length and size as one of my Life Moment shoots which lasts around 60-90 mins and would usually cost around the £300 mark. Couples who haven't booked me for a wedding should expect to pay that price. However, these shoots are my absolute favourite and I love to get the chance to meet all of my wedding couples before their big day* so my offer is that we tie this shoot in with your pre-wedding consultation and you get the shoot and all of the images included for £150.

TEN - PLAN YOUR PROPOSAL - IF you are reading this and you are not yet engaged to be married... How about going the whole hog and getting me to photograph your proposal for you?! I would LOVE to do this! It can be arranged with the utmost secrecy, We can discuss your plans at length and I can blend into the background of your chosen location and document (from a distance) you popping the question and of course, your other half saying yes! We can then get some cute photos of you together, popping champagne and grinning from ear to ear!

*I try and meet all couples before their wedding day with or without the pre-wedding shoot but sometimes this may have to be done via zoom