Animals at a wedding is way more common than you may think with lots of venues that I have photographed at allowing your dogs to accompany you throughout your wedding day. But what happens if your pet isn’t a dog and your venue can’t accommodate your pet, or what if your pet is allowed but would feel the pressure and stress of a high energy day in unfamiliar surroundings?! Here is a list of 15 different ways you can include your pets on your wedding day, some I have photographed, some I will make it my mission to hunt down and some even taken from my own wedding where my rabbits, Bonnie and Rory were guests of honour!

dog sat next to bridal bouquet at a wedding in Devon

Pet Chaperone

If your venue is dog friendly and you want your pet to be with you for some of the key parts of the day (including photos obvs!) but know that a whole day of celebrations may be too much then this is a great choice for you! There are some great pet chaperones in the South West, one of whom is Sarah from Wedding Day Dog Nanny. Take a look at her social media and website for updates on the perfect pups that she looks after at weddings.  

dog in the family photos at a wedding in Cornwall
dog at a wedding in the family photos

Pet Portraits

A great gift for your other half on your wedding day is to gift them a portrait that you have had especially created for them – or, if you are feeling creative why not give it a go yourself! This is a heartfelt gesture to your husband or wife to be but also ensures that the memory of your pet is also there on your special day. 

Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

If you have read my website, you will know how much of a fan I am of these pre-wedding shoots! I really enjoy every part of it from getting to know your story a little more to seeing how you feel and how you react to being in front of the camera. Bring your pet, PLEASE!! Especially if it is a rabbit, or at the beach, or both (can you imagine?!!) 

Photo Shrine

How about getting a framed photo of your beloved pet to sit at key locations throughout your day? Maybe on the table where you sign your register, maybe guarding the cards and gift box? You can get some really regal looking portraits done with a little creative license – How about the one above of Dexter in his tuxedo! 

On Your Cake

Have your pets or your favourite animal as a cake topper on your cake! There are so many options for this out there that you are spoilt for choice! You can have you both and your pets sat on the top of your cake or simply just a nod to your pets as I did on our wedding day. If a cake topper isn’t enough, how about a whole novelty cake of your small menagerie! Defo a talking point for your guests!

Personalised Embroidery

I LOVE this idea and although I am yet to see this at a wedding that I have photographed, I feel like I am going to make it my life mission to see this happen! Orrrr, your pet embroidered onto your veil! Any of my couples reading this that want to absolutely make my dream come true – I will one hundred percent throw in a free mini album to anyone who does this after reading my blog! 

Personalised Invitations

This is such a lovely idea! There are so many options here, such as using the above mentioned photographs from your pre-wedding shoot for your save the date cards or your invitations. Alternatively, you can commission someone like the lovely Kate who owns the stationary business called By Kate UK which can be found on Etsy.

Table Names

Do you have enough animals to name all of your tables after them?! It is possible and I probably have enough pets past and present to come up with 8 – 10 names. Or how something a little out there and having names of animals that are not necessarily your own? I loved how Alex and Ellen included famous animals and back story of each one as their table names for their wedding breakfast! It was a great talking point for their guests and I learnt a lot that day too!

Signature Cocktails

Invent and name a cocktail menu after your pets! Just don’t make them too delicious otherwise your guests will be sick as a dog..?!! Or in the dog house?!! (Sorry!!) 

Borrow Animals!

So many venues have animals of their own and some are more than happy for you to make use of them and include them in your wedding day. Wooladon estate genuinely does have a small menagerie of animals that always seem to make an appearance in all the shoots that I do there! Not complaining at all! 

In Your Vows

Becky and Dave had the best vows that I have ever witnessed, so quirky and different and of course, finished with a mention on their beloved Dexter! They both read the same set of vows, with blanks that they each had to fill in without the other knowing. The final sentence going something along the lines of ‘I promise to love you more than Dexter loves ______!’ I am sure you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks! 

Cardboard Cut Out

If you can’t have the real thing at your wedding, how about a life-sized cardboard cut out?! Probably quite practical for a rabbit, cat or a dog but maybe not so much for a horse?! Or, how about a 'Peep Board' just like the one that Trilby and Kel had at their wedding day - lots of fun and photo opportunities!


How about a little lucky charm of your favourite animal for your guests favours or cat shaped biscuits as a coffee accompaniment? You could even go a little further and offer your guests a drinks voucher with a picture of your pet on it! Who wouldn’t love a drinks voucher courtesy of your four legged friend! 

Butterfly Release

Butterflies are a sentimental sign of lost loved ones at many weddings I have been to. I genuinely believe, from my own experiences, that they are a sign of someone no longer with us being near by. It is lovely to have this marked with a plethora of butterflies included in your décor but how about releasing 100 real life butterflies into the sky on your wedding day – genuinely a hair standing on end moment! 

Adoption Certificate

This one, again, has been pinched from the lovely Becky & Dave. Dexter was Becky’s cat long before she met Dave and they actually ended up together because Dave offered to cat sit Dexter while Becky went on holiday and then he never really left! As part of Becky’s speech, she gifted Dave an adoption certificate to officially make him Dexter’s cat dad!